Human beings always love traveling and adventures. It is human nature to set out for journeys and learn about unknown things. If we do not travel then we will not understand what lies there on the earth. When this exploration goes out in space, we call it space travel. There are many things in the universe that we do not know. We are all passengers waiting to explore.
This project is to create a new digital product to build a case study. The topic is unrestricted. The case study has to contain a mission statement, vision statement, personas, features introduction, product goal, A/B testing, user testing, and of course, the app showcase and introduction. ​​​​​​​
There are many people who want to learn about the unknown universe. The universe has been a huge topic in human history, however, there is no good source for teachers or parents to show to students or children. There is even no app that allows children to learn or view that information in an easy and immersive way. The entire visual system is inspired by the eclipse. Learning in a way should be immersive.

Feel free to try the prototype!

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