The Story of Luna Flakes 🌙

A spark has the power to transform everything

I am a dreamer and I mean it. I dream every night. My dreams are where I get a lot of ideas for my illustrations.
The idea behind this piece The Story of Luna Flakes begins in a village without a sun. This community experiences unending darkness. I belonged to the populace. Fortunately, fire can brighten and warm our lives. We have prayed for years. One day, a starry-like light appears in the night sky. The moon shares some of her light. We cry, laugh, and sense hope.
When I awoke, I wrote the story down in my bed journal. I keep a notebook with all of my bizarre dreams. I instructed myself that I needed to transform this dream into something extraordinary. I experienced the emptiness and darkness I saw in the dream. A tiny spark of light has the power to transform everything.
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