Every relationship is beautiful, but a mother-daughter or mother-son relationship is beyond description. Your mother was there for you through thick and thin, and it is very important to thank her for all the love and dedication she put in through the years. Recollect her of your love and gratitude with these beloved messages for mother. This simple gesture of love can make your mother greatly happy and will melt her heart. Don’t wait for a perfect day to send a message to your mother.
This was a group effort with six other designers. Develop unique brands and a cohesive system that allows for possible line extensions and sub-brands. Create compelling and engaging packaging through the use of various package templates, materials, typographic sensitivity, hierarchy, illustrations, photography, and comprehensive prototyping.
We designed a shopping experience that caters to the needs of mothers. The goal of retail MOM is to build a healthy and functional brand of high-quality items that will enable all mothers to shop guilt-free. We formed a coherent branding scheme with one overarching brand named MOM and five sub-brands, and each sub-brand stands for its own personality and intentions. Teammate Luna and I were in charge of designing the sub-brand Kiddo. Kiddo is a children’s essentials line. I used original illustrations to engage the concepts of welcoming and safety.  
➜Target Audience
Individuals who are thinking about becoming a mother, or who is already a mother. The age range is 15-44 years old.
Nashville, Tennessee | Seattle, Washington | Austin, Texas
➜Price Range
The product line has a wide range of prices, beginning at $5, up to $250. For every mother, there is a perfect product. 
Kiddo | Child Essentials ➜ My Charge
TruEssence | Health & Wellness
Bitty Bites | Family Food
True Threads | Apparel
Haven | Smart Home
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