Nature decorates our surroundings in the most unique ways. It allows us to feel the beauty of our souls all the time. When the first ray of golden light in the morning is like the earth walking on a sunny path. I casually glanced at a petal that slid off the branch, accompanied by a few fallen leaves, fluttering to the ground, the breeze blowing gently, bringing it to the distant horizon. Birds flying in the blue sky, eagles flying in the sky. When resting by the quiet little pond, looking at the dense bamboo forest in the distance, it is really green, lovely. Lower your head to listen to it.
 This project is to create a digital product to solve a problem. Many people in today's technologically advanced world feel compelled to simplify their lives and reconnect with nature. It is important to get some fresh air in order to reap the health benefits of outdoor recreation.   ​​​​​​​
Many children have no concept of flowers or existence. Many of us are surrounded by beautiful nature, but we spend the majority of our time indoors playing video games or watching television. Children and adults alike may lack knowledge of the natural world, including the names of flowers, how plants grow, and anatomy. The solution is to develop a product that contains massive quantities of plant data. The app also functions as a social media platform, allowing you to share your discoveries with the rest of the world. What did you find and where did you find it? We can then use those databases to continue working on deeper education, such as the plant growth cycle, how plants are pollinated, and plant anatomy.

Early Interview 

Children and grown-ups are lacking education about the world of nature. People stay indoors too long. 
Interview questions 
1. Do you have children?
2. Do you think letting children explore plants is important?
3. Do you like children to get closer to nature?
4. Do you agree children will have a happy childhood if they play with nature?
5. What grade did you get for biology class in elementary school?
6. How much do you know about the plants?
7. How often do you go outdoor? 
8. Who do you go outdoor with?
9. Have you ever wondered about a plant’s name when you see a plant you know?
10. Have you ever been interested in how plants grow up?

-People all agree children will have better and happier childhood if they grow up with nature.
-People are pretty confident in their biology.
-They go out to exercise almost every weekend.
-People are curious about plants

Junior school teacher 
Emiliana is a teacher in a junior high school. She is also a mom of 3 kids. She has a lovely family. She likes to take her kids out of the house to explore nature and fresh air. The main locations they will go to are parks and libraries. Some nights, they will watch the Discovery channel together.

Emiliana likes...
Emiliana says...
“I am 30 years old, and I go to school from Monday to Friday. Sometimes I need to do some overtime.”
“I have 3 daughters. They are lovely and wonderful. I take them to the park every weekend to exercise and explore new stuff. They always enjoy it.”          
“I use Eventbrite to see if there are any good events I can go to or I can bring my kids to go.”  
“I drive Ford Escape. As you see, there are five people in my family. My husband and I need a big car.”     
“In my free time, I go to the library. There is no reason to buy books. I bring my kids there too to let them enjoy reading and watch less television at home.”
“The only time my kids can watch television is to watch Discovery channel or animal plant channel.”
“My job is teaching, which means I need to learn how to teach and to see how other people teach. There are many ways to share your knowledge.”
Web Designer
Sky is a web designer. He takes care of his body very much. As a designer, he sits down in the office for too long, so he will do stretching and exercises. He likes plants. He takes a lot of photography of plants. He also has a little garden and in his free time, he likes to search for ideas on how to grow it better and heather.    
Sky likes...
Sky says...
“I am 47 years old. I am a freelance web designer and also work in a company or agency. Depends on what jobs I got.”     
“I am single, but I have a boyfriend. I don’t know if I would have kids or not. But I like to spend time with my love.”     
“I love animes! I have accounts on Funimation and Crunchyroll. I like to watch animes on weekend nights.”     
“I read a lot. I like to read tech and web magazines to refresh myself and get new ideas and what is the trade right now.”     
“In my free time, I go to the library. There is no reason to buy books. I like the space and atmosphere of reading there.”
“I like gardening a lot. I will buy a lot of seeds and planes for my little garden. But the thing is I don’t really know how to plant it well. I need to search for it. ”
“I also like photography. I like going out the door to find some plants I don’t know. When I found it, I will Google it, but sometimes it is hard to find out.”
Six-year-old girl
Cacilia is a six-year-old girl. She was born in San Francisco, CA. She likes drawing a lot. She can draw every day. The places she likes to go to are the library and Botanical Garden. She likes plants a lot. Every time she draws, she draws flowers and plants. She’s a little gardener.
Cacilia likes...
Cacilia says
“I am six years old. I have one younger sister. She is three years old. I need to go to school every day, I don’t like it.”     
“I like to watch the Disney channel. I want to be a Disney princess, so I can talk to animals and do great things for the world.”     
“I like to play matching games on iPhone or iPad. I feel these kinds of games make me smarter. When my sis is older, I want to play with her.”     
“I like drawing a lot. I can draw every day. Especially, I like drawing flowers. They are so beautiful. I want to keep them in my paper”     
“In my free time, my mom and dad bring me to the library. I like going there because it has so many books and DVDs. Sometimes, I play with the kids there too.”
“The other Place I love to go to instead of the library is the Botanical Garden. It is like heaven to me because it has so many flowers and plants. I live in San Francisco, so I can go there for free. I hope I can read the definition of plants.”
Five Design principles
STIMULATE CURIOSITY: Bring back curiosity to people. Humans are different than other animals because we are curious about everything and want to study it.
BEING FUN/CREATIVE: To make people get interesting. No matter what products, the way to grab people’s attention is to make it fun and unimaginable. 
ABLE TO RECHARGE: Going outdoor is the primary step of using this app. As long as people go into nature, they slowly recharge and heal themselves. 
FRIENDSHIP: As friends or family go outdoor to have fun, it’s also the time to increase the quality of relationships. 
EDUCATIONAL: The more you go outdoor, the more knowledge of plants you slowly build. At the same time, the connection between you and the people who use this app has been on. Learning from each other is a better way to learn something new.
User Journey Map
Information Architecture
Paper Prototype & User Testing
Participated User
User Testing: 

1. Flower Finder is confusing.
2. Setting pages are too much.
3. Functions are very easy to use, but I think can go deeper.

1. The flow can be more clear. 
2. Navigation needs to more clear.
3. Quiz section needs more connection with the flow.

1. When I finished the quiz and got my picture, then what?
2. The map section can go deeper.
3. I don't quite sure how the quiz section works.

1. The whole connection can be stronger.
2. Navigation needs to be more con-system.
3. Maybe more functions on the profile page.

Top Insights:
1. The last page needs more connection to the home page.
2. Navigation needs to be more con-system.
3. Naming is confusing.
4. More clear of Quiz and Profile pages. 
Annotated Wireframe
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