One of life's most insignificant events is a breakup. I'm not alone as long as there are colors and sunlight
There are several stories in this art piece. Storytime! Have a seat everyone. My breakup with my boyfriend was the catalyst for this. Never did I weep. We parted amicably. I was so stunned that I had no desire to weep. I began to feel depressed, lonely and lost as the days went by. The activities I used to engage in with him have altered. Life went from being double to being singular. I ate less, hardly smiled, and spent much time in my room. I occasionally wish I could sob aloud.
Everyone is aware of my dreamy nature. Every night when I sleep, I dream. In a dream one night, I was in a vacuum. A place that is fearless and white. In that place, I am floating. I floated for days. Without any sense of purpose or direction, I was just floating with my eyes closed. I'm content, yet also lonely. I began to notice colors a few more months later. Blue and pink combine in the sky. I float to the horizon's intersection of two hues. But this time, I'm not alone. With me, as I soar, are goldfish. We take off for the last color.
I woke up and opened my eyes. My face was soaked with tears. I recorded the dream right away. I tried to picture the scene from the dream in my head. I instructed myself that I had to describe this experience. This work of art represents my rebirth. One of life's most insignificant events is a breakup. I'm not alone, as long as there are colors and sunlight. I'm still floating through existence, but I'll soar to the intersection of two colors.
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