CodeBreaker broad game 
The project is to design a board game. We could redesign an existing board game or design a new game.
I decided to do one for my own. My board game is named CodeBreaker which is a logic game.
It is important to begin learning at a young age. Providing children with the appropriate methods and interesting paths to follow will make developing their reasoning and senses much more enjoyable and easy.When it comes to the future, children should learn the "operational reasoning" behind the software rather than becoming another qualified machine.
I ditched the old way of doing things and revamped a series of board games with program characters like C++, Javascript, Python, and iOS Siri. The goal was to create a new programming environment by combining the game's rules and stories with four program logics. Since the game takes place on the ocean, the game's theme is pirates. To convey a feeling of adventure, I used earth-tone colors and rough textures.​​​​​​​
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