The act or method of traveling is referred to as a movement. It provides you with both energy and feeling. People can’t see, but they can sense, the color of speed. The universe revolves around motion. Anything is on the move. The movement can be seen everywhere over us. It takes every shape we can think of.
The aim of this project is to construct a conceptual book for the natural pheromone that has been selected. We had to use one natural pheromone and use it to build an identity, photography, typography, infographic, and environmental design, among other things. Each spread used the natural pheromone to present different design principles with our own writing.
The natural pheromone chosen for this project is “movement.” I use the concept of movement to create the identity for this book, website, and the amount other things. I use orange as a primary color throughout the project. It was really challenging to design typography, photography, and other elements to present movement, so I created a story for the book. The story is very abstract but understandable in the way of art.
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